FRAMECAD Building Applications

  • Residential buildings

    Residential buildings

    FRAMECAD® offers the expertise, products and services to assist in residential building and social housing, from single level homes to multi storey mid rise buildings and apartment developments.

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  • Commercial & industrial buildings

    Commercial & industrial buildings

    The FRAMECAD® System is a modern, rapid design and build solution that can provide high quality worker accommodation, hotels, offices, storage and more. FRAMECAD has worldwide experience helping to produce high quality steel frame buildings to meet clients’ commercial construction and industrial building needs.

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  • Institutional buildings

    Institutional buildings

    The rapid, modern steel frame construction offered by FRAMECAD® helps local and central governments construct quality, economical institutional buildings for their communities. Leveraging global reach and experience, FRAMECAD works directly with these agencies and with developers and contractors, to deliver fit for purpose steel building projects – from Australian schools to medical clinics in Pakistan.

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  • Offsite portable buildings

    Offsite portable buildings

    With offsite building construction, the best solution is one that is lightweight, durable, and quickly assembled. FRAMECAD System offsite steel framing solutions have been designed to meet those demands and to suit a range of specific projects – from transportable buildings, to temporary accommodation and portable offices, barracks or cabins.

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  • Efficiency and Reliability In  The Toughest Conditions
    Efficiency and Reliability In The Toughest Conditions
    February 27, 2015

    FRAMECAD System proves invaluable in tough conditions where resources are limited and timing is critical.

  • Big 5 Saudi 2015
    Big 5 Saudi 2015
    January 28, 2015

    Join us at the Big 5 Saudi exhibition, which is being held from the 9-12th March 2015.

  • NZ Framing Leads In Local Market
    NZ Framing Leads In Local Market
    January 4, 2015

    Learn more about NZ Framing, a FRAMECAD business providing steel framing and designs services to the New Zealand market.

  • Why Build With Steel?
    Why Build With Steel?
    December 8, 2014

    Ben Hatcher, from the New Zealand building company Team Builders 2000, talks about the benefits and advantages of using light gauge steeling framing, and why he enjoys working with the FRAMECAD team.

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