FRAMECAD® ProDesign allows users to produce optimized, engineered designs which meet international compliance. The intuitive software helps produce designs that make efficient use of materials, without compromising structural integrity, resulting in reduced material costs, less waste and increased profitability.

FRAMECAD ProDesign can produce designs which comply with numerous international building standards and codes helping streamline local approval processes.

FRAMECAD® ProDesign System Requirements

  • Windows XP(SP2)/Vista/Windows 7/8

  • 500 MHz processor or higher*

  • 512 MB RAM (1GB recommended)*

  • 750MB free minimum free hard disk space

  • Color monitor with 1024x768 resolution or higher

  • Video card with OpenGL driver and at least 32

  • MB RAM (64 MB recommended)

  • Windows-compatible mouse

  • Internet Explorer 5.5 or above.

FRAMECAD® ProDesign  System Configuration

  • If you are installing FRAMECAD® ProDesign on Windows XP or Vista, your user account should be set to computer administrator (not limited) to install the program.

  • Minor adjustments may be required to the configuration of your operating system and/or updates to the hardware component drivers.

*Additional system and video memory will improve speed and usability.

Features & benefits

  FRAMECAD® ProDesign
DXF/DWG Import and Export Yes
Layers, blocks, lines, text, move, copy, rotate, mirror, etc. Yes
Command line and shortcut keys Yes
Design checker - checks for overlapping frames, sticks, panel sizes Yes
Auto Wall script for automated framing by just using polygons Yes
Command tips for better usability and shortcut training Yes
Frame break tool to break frames into smaller lengths Yes
Roof truss block input Yes
Roof plane block input Yes
Trusses and walls engineered to local design codes Yes
Window and door libraries Yes